Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Push Until They Give In, Then Push Some More

So today I see this article.

"Calling 'Em Out: The White House Takes on the Press", from Time.com

And I laugh. What's really coming out of the White House here is very transparent if you pay attention.

The Obama Administration is once again complaining that the media is unfairly criticizing them. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that the media has been in a love affair with him since the campaign trail. So most level headed thinkers see this and think that Obama is just thin skinned. While that may also be true, the main reasoning behind these comments is a little more sneaky.

As I'm sure many of you remember, these complaints started all the way back when Obama and Hillary were fighting for the democrat nomination. Since then, the media has bent further and further over for the Obama Administration, yet the complaining continues.

For press secretary Robert Gibbs, the realization came in early September, when the New York Times ran a front-page story about the bubbling parental outrage over President Obama's plan to address schoolchildren — even though the benign contents of the speech were not yet public. "You had to be like, 'Wait a minute,'" says Gibbs. "This thing has become a three-ring circus."

So here we can see Robert Gibbs presenting the case that, since the New York Times didn't go straight to toeing the administrations line, it was unfair. Is he and the rest of the Obama Administration just a bunch of crybabies or is there a planned tactic to these complaints? From what I've seen, I think there is.

What the left has done is create a story. The story goes that the right is unfair to them. That the right lies about them. That the right can't be trusted. The right is secretly behind any criticism against Obama, and it is therefore a lie. When Obama comes out and complains, it reinforces that story. The thing is, even the mainstream media themselves believe this story!

So when these complaints come out, the MSM jumps up and goes, "Oh my goodness! We've been hoodwinked by those evil righties! We've been unfairly criticizing Obama without even realizing it!" and then tweak their output to be even more biased in his favor. But after doing this, the story is still the same. The world is still working against Obama. The fact that the media has moved even farther to the left doesn't change the story at all.

Once this story was created and fed to the MSM and the MSM's viewers, it became easy to keep them in line. Just throw out a complaint of unfair criticism once in a while and it will keep the people in check. No matter how far the media bends for Obama, they will still believe it's unfair to him.


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