Saturday, October 17, 2009

Muslim Advocacy Group CAIR Accused of Planting Spies, Story is Ignored by MSM

On Wednesday, four congressmen accused the muslim advocacy group CAIR of planting spies on Capitol Hill. Even more questions about CAIR have been raised with their recent actions, including inviting several radicals to their annual banquet.

While looking into this story, I popped it into google and found... Nothing. Go ahead, try it yourself. There has been almost no coverage of this story at all by the mainstream media. Neither on television, nor on the internet.

Why is the story being covered up? Digging a little deeper, the only recent article on CAIR from the MSM I could find was this article from MSNBC from 2004, fawning them for their muslim get-out-to-vote efforts. Could they be afraid of being accused of racism if they cover this story? Or could it be something else? There's not enough information yet to make any real theories, but this is something to keep your eye on.


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