Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sequel to Bestseller Freakonomics Bashes Global Warming, Drives Left Crazy

A chapter on global warming in the soon to be released Superfreakonomics, sequel to the bestseller Freakonomics, has been leaked, and the left isn't happy about it.

With the US about to go into "a 'numbing' winter", the left still continues to to attack anyone who dares present evidence that the earth isn't warming, or that if it is, humans aren't the cause. The book is of course being bashed by a variety of left-wing sources. The fact that the original Freakonomics book was so popular with a wide range of people, and that Superfreakonomics is on-track to do the same, will probably make it a major target by the left in the future. Expect to see an oddly high number of negative reviews for both books soon.

This book will add a simple explanation of the global warming hoax to add to your arsenal against run-away-enviromentalism, and I, for one, am pre-ordering it right now.


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